Training Center News: A Look Forward At 2024

A Look Forward At 2024

As we approach the dawn of 2024, it’s a time of anticipation and reflection for EAB Training. The past year has been a period of remarkable growth and achievement, setting the stage for even more exciting developments in the year ahead. With their fingers on the pulse of industry needs and a clear vision for the future, Derek Glenn, EAB Training Center Manager, and Bill Chalmers, EAB Technical Training Manager, share their perspectives and aspirations for what 2024 holds. Their insights underscore the commitment of EAB Training to stay at the forefront of educational excellence and innovation in their field.

Let’s delve into their thoughts:

“As we look forward to what 2024 has in store, we first acknowledge how much was accomplished here at EAB Training in 2023. EAB Training continues to refine topics taught to meet the ever-changing requirements of the industry so that each class is presented with the most current information and technology available. The TAB Professional series now includes all four courses: TAB Fundamentals, TAB Basic Air & Water Systems, TAB Control Systems Verification, and TAB Advanced Air & Water Systems. It’s been an amazing journey to get here. With 2024 coming quickly, I’m excited for our Commissioning Provider series to kick off and to get more people involved with the EAB Training Center.” – Derek Glenn, Training Center Manager


“EAB is pleased to announce that the complete TAB Professional series is available in 2024.  Building on many years of TAB training experience the four curriculums, Fundamentals, Basic Air & Water Systems, Control Systems Verification, and Advanced Air & Water Systems, are organized to educate professionals at any level in their career.  EAB is particularly pleased to offer the TAB Advanced Air & Water Systems class for people who are ready to balance the most challenging systems including laboratories, healthcare, UFAD or smoke control.

EAB is now turning its attention to the industry’s need for electrical, plumbing, and life safety commissioning training.  Please visit our website regularly for announcements about these upcoming courses in 2024.” – Bill Chalmers, EAB Technical Training Manager

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