Training Center News: From the Desk of Derek & Bill

The Bulk of our TAB Technician Courses are Now Available!

“I am extremely excited that our TAB Technician – Control Systems Verification class is now available! Probably the most challenging and beneficial preparation for this new course was building the Controls Training Workbenches for the hands-on training. The Workbenches are miniature AHUs, so the students get a realistic AHU control experience. Our instructors have put together another fantastic class with amazing hands-on training workbenches. Their efforts have ensured that EAB Training students will leave with a much better understanding of how and why Building Automation Systems function.

Another great milestone is we have put the finishing touches on our Basic Air & Water Systems course, so the bulk of our TAB Technician Series of classes are now available to efficiently shape a balanced tech.” – Derek Glenn, EAB Training Center Manager

The Difference is our Hands-On Learning

“Training resources can come from online courses, virtual experiences, and most recently the new world of artificial intelligence. Although such training has its place, our team is dedicated to hands-on training, using the “tell, show, do” model of education. Our Control Systems Verification and Basic Air & Water Systems students are told how to perform a TAB task, are shown the correct way to perform the task, and are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to execute the task.

Our hands-on training provides our students with a complete visual of the equipment to perfect their skills in a controlled environment, that may not be available in the field.” – Bill Chalmers, EAB Technical Training Manager

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