Training Center News: From the Desk of Derek & Bill

Knowledge Expansion and Career Advancement at EAB Training Center

We asked Derek Glenn, EAB Training Center Manager, to reflect on the year and provide us with some milestone moments that he is most proud of. A statement from an EAB Training Student came to his mind… “I didn’t even know that was on the menu.”

Derek continues, “In our industry, knowledge is considered a powerful asset, which is why we celebrate its transfer to our students every year at the EAB Training Center. As we grow the number of classes, students, and subjects annually, we see the amazing improvements that happen when students gain access to knowledge they did not have before. That access has been paying dividends to both the students and their employers through the advancement of their careers and capabilities.”

Another significant moment came with the development of EAB Training’s TAB Professional Courses, Derek comments:

“Our big goals this year were to successfully complete the pilot classes for both the TAB Control Systems Verification and TAB Advanced Air & Water Systems courses, and thankfully it looks like we will achieve that goal.”

EAB’s Training Triumphs in 2023: A Lesson in Bold Execution

The quote, “A good plan violently executed today is better than next week’s perfect plan,” attributed to General George Patton, emphasizes the importance of taking initiative, making decisions, and executing plans with determination.

Bill Chalmers, EAB Technical Training Manager, highlights how EAB Training applied this principle by taking swift and decisive action in executing our training plans for 2023:

“With Patton’s advice in mind, the EAB Training team completed existing training curriculums, initiated work on the next year’s curriculums, and held meetings with potential clients to gather input for future curriculums.”

To provide a few examples, we successfully executed the pilot course for TAB Control Systems Verification and the TAB Advanced Air & Water Systems pilot course is scheduled for December, bringing our TAB Professional courses close to completion. The Construction Manager’s curriculum was finalized in March and received positive feedback from McCarthy and Tellepsen. The course schedules and session framework for the Commissioning Electrical Power Systems course and the Commissioning Plumbing Systems course are now complete. Significant progress has been made on the fire alarm demonstration panel for the Commissioning Life Safety Systems course, and its completion is scheduled for this fall. Finally, we are making strides in the development of our Design Professional and Building Operator curriculums through productive meetings held with potential clients to discuss their content preferences.

EAB’s commitment to swift execution of EAB’s training plan resulted in great advances in 2023.

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