Celebrating 65 Years of EAB

Walt Lipski founded Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. in 1956 as the nation’s first provider of independent balancing services. In the same year, the term Total System Balance was coined, which Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) holds forth as the benchmark for the profession.  ​

We are proud to say that Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. has held the title of the Nation’s Largest Independent Testing, Adjusting and Balancing firm since 1956. The company timeline on our website details legacy projects, industry milestones, EAB Presidents, and company expansions that have impacted the immense growth we have seen over the years, and furthered the industry as a whole.

Along with a series of firsts, EAB developed procedures to test and balance laboratories in 1970. To this day we offer Laboratory Testing Services at our state-of-the-art HVAC testing laboratory, located at our Training Center in Houston, Texas.

In 2008, EAB made the decision to pursue Building Commissioning services that would go beyond HVAC systems and offer our clients a commissioning process servicing all equipment and assemblies in modern buildings. Since that time, EAB has built upon its TAB experience to create an outstanding team of dedicated commissioning professionals with expertise in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, building control systems and life safety systems.

EAB has grown into the leading authority in total system balancing and building commissioning at the forefront of industry standards and training.

In 2021, we launched EAB Training with the mission to train the next generation of technicians, engineers and building operators. In the past 10 months, we have conducted 8 TAB Technician Fundamental classes to 69 students. It’s just the beginning of our journey, and we are looking forward to the launch of our advanced courses in 2022.

You Can Feel The Difference

What makes you feel the difference? Our Team.

As experts in our field, our team is specifically trained, equipped, and technically astute in all markets we serve. Each member of our team is committed to exhibiting our core values of integrity, quality, consistency and teamwork.

With passionate integrity, our team is dedicated to ensuring comfort giving you, our client, peace of mind.

Our technical knowledge, unmatched thoroughness and continuous reliability sets us apart and delivers an optimum operating facility.

How else can you feel the difference? Check out this video, and we’ll explain it to you.


What Our Clients Have To Say

“It is my pleasure to recommend Engineered Air Balance. EAB has worked with us for many years, providing TAB and Cx services, and has proven to be a vital team member in delivering projects of the highest quality under adverse, schedule-driven circumstances.

We appreciate EAB’s commitment, acting as a firm with integrity that understands the diverse needs of our facilities. EAB’s attention to detail throughout the construction stages, closeout, and warranty period has served us greatly. We look forward to working with EAB on many projects in the years to come.”


“We have utilized the professional Cx services on multiple construction projects with exceptional results. The value of their services is unmatched and unparalleled in the industry. The value of their services is unmatched and unparalleled in the industry. Customer service, a breadth of knowledge, and a meticulous approach to every detail are only a few of the benefits to including EAB’s Cx team on your project. Their efforts are focused on ensuring that a complete, fully functional, and seamlessly integrated project is delivered. Any owner should consider partnering with EAB and their team of professionals to assist in delivering a successful project.”


“Engineered Air Balance has been our vendor for Testing and Balancing services since the mid 90s. Every opportunity we get to work with EAB is one in which I know our project will receive top of the line service. Regardless of the circumstances, I am always confident of their team’s commitment to getting the job done correctly. They have been a true team player for us. We look forward to the opportunity of working with EAB on many projects in the years to come.”

Legacy Projects

Each of these projects have a story worth telling. For more details about these projects, visit our Company History page.

AABC Hall of Fame, 2021 Historical Inductee: Walt Lipski

Intended as the highest honor that the AABC can bestow, the Hall of Fame is reserved for AABC members, past or present, who over the course of their careers have provided extraordinary service and contributions to the association, or more generally to the field of testing and balancing, and who fully embody AABC’s founding principles of quality, integrity, and independence.

“Engineered Air Balance was established to fill a major need of architects, consulting engineers, building owners and contractors – the need for a qualified organization to be responsible for the fulfillment of specified design and obtaining optimum performance and economical operation from the air conditioning equipment installed in commercial, institutional and industrial installations.”

Want to learn more about Walt Lipski and his impact on the industry? Tell me more!

Interested in learning more about the AABC Hall of Fame? Find out more on AABC’s website, linked here.

An EAB Special Highlight: An Unexpected Response

“When I started at EAB, I was a heavy smoker. Jim Reid, president of the company at the time, was on my project and noted that I was a smoker. He told me he was worried about my smoking. I asked him “why, because they would need to find my replacement if I became sick?” He said no, “because I worry about your wife and children, they need you to be healthy”. I was floored, he was more worried about my family rather than my contribution to the company. Jim challenged me to quit smoking. I accepted the challenge and have been smoke-free for 32 years and in excellent health at 65 years old.” – Terry Wright, Retired Houston Branch Field Operations Manager

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