The University of Texas MD Anderson West Houston

MD Anderson West Houston

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center West Houston, located off of Katy Freeway, is a 261,000 square foot outpatient treatment facility. The facility features radiation oncology, medical oncology, infusion therapy, outpatient surgery, imaging, related supporting laboratory, pharmacy departments, and a future diagnostic imaging space. 

While MD Anderson West Houston provides comprehensive cancer care for all types of cancers, this facility specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of the following cancers: breast, colorectal, dermatology and skin, endocrine, and genitourinary, gynecologic, head and neck, neurologic, thoracic, and urology.

Building Commissioning and TAB Project Details

EAB was initially engaged in 2016 to perform a commissioning design review of the interim construction documents. The Building Commissioning scope included development of the commissioning plan, site observations and support, witnessing of factory equipment testing, commissioning meetings, creation of all system verification checklists for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety (MEPLS) systems, review of the Contractor completed checklists, MEPLS Functional Performance Test development, facilitation of all Functional Performance Testing on the MEPLS system, and Integrated Systems Testing for the entire facility

EAB was also tasked to verify all critical alarms of the facility prior to occupancy in an effort to reduce the activation workload by MDA. Our team created unique documentation deliverables to streamline MD Anderson’s future certification processes. 

The Testing and Balancing scope initially included HVAC / Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Testing, a Review for Balance-ability and witnessing AHU pressure testing. As the systems were completed, EAB performed TAB services on all HVAC systems. The DHW loops were tested for flow and pump capacity. Finally, our TAB team worked with the owner’s team to perform BAS control point and sensor calibration verification.

“Our long-standing relationship with MD Anderson benefitted the project because of their willingness to trust our input throughout the Building Commissioning and Total System Balancing process. Like so many other projects I’ve been a part of, our team committed to an unmatched level of integrity that is unique to EAB. I’m constantly impressed by their work ethic, and the commitment EAB has to invest in their most important resource…their people.” 

– Dan Eckelkamp, Cx Project Manager

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