HVAC System Testing Or Guessing?

HVAC System Testing

Many problems encountered in HVAC systems can have symptoms that clearly manifest themselves, but hide the root cause of the problem. It is often easy in these situations to treat the symptoms, rather than perform the required effort to truly diagnose the overall problem. A good Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) firm understands this and follows proven procedures to diagnose problems and effectively test the entire system, including controls.  A good (and common) example could be zone temperature issues.  Some may be quick to say this is a balance problem or too little design airflow. Careful analysis and testing will determine whether this is truly a design load issue (undersized equipment), an installation issue (poorly sealed, improperly sized, or not connected ductwork), a balance issue (grilles not proportioned per design) or a controls issue (improperly calibrated airflow sensor or faulty thermostat). If a technician quickly assumes one of those possibilities and tries to make corrective action, they are often guessing and may cause more issues down the road.

How We Can Help!

If you have problems with your HVAC system meeting the design or facility requirements, please contact EAB so that we can show how you can feel the difference when EAB performs Total System Balancing to identify root causes and develop effective long term solutions to problematic symptoms.

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