The EAB Training Difference: Our Instructors

In the world of technical education and hands-on training, the caliber and expertise of the training team are the fundamentals of what makes us different; they form the cornerstone of success for both the students and the industry itself. At EAB, our difference is rooted through the curriculum we offer and, more importantly, in the individuals who deliver it. Our training team represents the EAB Training Difference, establishing a benchmark of excellence in technical and operational education. Let’s explore the exceptional qualities of our training team and how their contributions continue to fortify EAB’s resolution of developing the upcoming generation of technicians, engineers, and building operators.

A Team of Specialists

At the core of our training excellence is a diverse team of specialists, each an expert in their field. Justin Garner, Bill Chalmers, Derek Glenn, Gaylon Richardson, Tom Schlachter, Jason Hauska, Spencer Kelley, and Terry Wright— these individuals are the driving force behind the transformative learning experiences at EAB. Our instructors are experts in their technical domains and experienced educators who excel at translating complex concepts into digestible, practical knowledge. Their exceptional skills in bridging theoretical understanding with real-world application are unparalleled, offering students an invaluable perspective that prepares them for the complexities of today’s dynamic market sectors.

Our Instructors

Blending Theory with Practice

The EAB training team distinguishes itself through the integration of theoretical expertise with practical insights. This unique approach ensures that our students gain the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to excel in their careers. Our instructors draw upon their extensive experience across diverse market sectors, enriching the curriculum with case studies, real-life problem-solving scenarios, and the latest industry trends. This blend of theory and practice provides a solid foundation for students, equipping them with technical and operational skills beneficial to their respective fields.

Experience the EAB Training Difference

Opting for EAB Training signifies choosing a training journey where excellence, innovation, and mentorship form the cornerstone of everything we do. Our instructors are dedicated to inspiring and guiding you toward achieving your full potential. Join us and experience the EAB Training Difference, where your growth is our priority.

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